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Do you want thicker, fuller, lusher lashes? If so, Latisse® might be a great fit for you, and it’s among the advanced treatments available from Neema Bayran, MD, of iBeauty Clinic, serving the community of Chicago, Illinois. Learn more about this innovative prescription treatment that can boost the volume of your eyelashes during a face-to-face consultation, which you can book online or by phone today.

Latisse Q & A

Why are my eyelashes thinning?

If you’ve noticed changes in the fullness of your eyelashes over time, you certainly aren’t alone. The aging process is a primary cause of thinning lashes. As you grow older, your entire body produces fewer hairs, and your eyelashes are no exception. 

Several other factors can contribute to thinning eyelashes. Some contributing factors include:

  • Eye infections
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Habits like tugging or rubbing your eyelashes
  • Failing to remove mascara at night

Wearing false eyelashes is a common cause of your natural lashes starting to thin. Every time you remove a set of falsies, you pull at the base of your natural lashes, which can weaken them or remove individual lashes. 

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a prescription treatment that boosts your natural lash growth. In clinical studies, participants who used Latisse over a 16 weeks saw significant improvements in the length, darkness, and thickness of their lashes as compared with a control group. Most experienced a 25% increase in the length of their lashes, while the fullness increased more than 100%. 

Latisse is manufactured by Allergan — a pharmaceutical industry leader. The company was developing a medicated eye drop to treat high intraocular pressure when researchers noted that patients were also experiencing fuller, darker, and longer lashes while under treatment. 

How do I use Latisse?

Begin by removing any makeup or skin care products in your eye area. If you wear contact lenses, remove those as well. Place one drop of Latisse onto the single-use applicator brush, then apply the product to the base of your upper eyelid lash line. 

Use another single-use applicator to apply the product to your other eyelid. Latisse is not intended for use on your lower lashes. It’s important to avoid allowing the applicator to touch any other surface before applying the medication, as contamination can lead to an eye infection. 

You’ll apply Latisse once a day for 16 weeks to see optimal results.

Are the results of Latisse permanent?

Your results will last as long as you continue using Latisse. If you decide to stop treating your lashes, they will gradually return to the length, color, and thickness you had when you began treatment. 

If you have additional questions about Latisse, call the office today to set up a visit. Online scheduling is also an option and allows you to book from the comfort of home, any time of day or night.