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Not only can facials help your stresses melt away, they also rejuvenate your skin and treat all kinds of imperfections, including wrinkles. At iBeauty Clinic in Lincoln Park, Chicago, you have access to a team of medical skin care experts who provide an ever-expanding menu of clinical facial services to treat signs of aging, acne, discoloration, and more. iBeauty Clinic is happy to offer complimentary consultations to patients that wish to book treatment. If you’re due for a facial, book an appointment online today. You’re also welcome to call to book by phone.

Facials Q & A

What are the benefits of facials?

Spa facials are essential for your mind, body, and spirit. Facials incorporate clinical-grade skin care solutions for superior results, in addition to an indulgent and relaxing massage for a relaxing experience like none other. Getting regular facials is beneficial to:

  • Minimize and prevent the signs of aging
  • Even out your skin tone and texture
  • Treat acne and prevent acne scars
  • Improve blood flow to your skin
  • Relax your facial muscles


Facials are highly beneficial for treating congested and oily skin, too. Whether you want to treat a specific issue or prevent future problems, iBeauty Clinic has just the right facial for you. 

Which type of facials are available?

iBeauty Clinic has a full menu of facial services that can each be entirely customized for your specific skin needs. Below are descriptions of some of the most popular facial treatments.

Signature Facial

The signature facial is customized to you. It includes a deep cleansing experience, followed by extractions and hydrating masks designed to bathe your skin in moisture and nutrients.  

Acne Medical Facial

This highly effective acne treatment utilizes the most effective acne-fighting ingredients and most potent anti-inflammatory botanicals to soothe your skin. Not only does the acne medical facial fight acne and prevent acne scars, it also reduces inflammation and eliminates excess oil. 


This revolutionary technique for skin rejuvenation is completely noninvasive with no downtime. The patented HydraFacial tool restores your skin’s health by using a unique hydrodermabrasion technique. By combining water pulses with clinical-grade skin care products, you experience a luxurious skin-enhancing experience that’s second to none. 


The SaltFacial is the first and only technology that combines pure, natural sea salt for superior exfoliation. This three-step facial incorporates high-powered LED light therapy to restore, replenish, and rejuvenate your skin. 

Oxygenating Peel Facial

This luxurious O2 lift skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, and peptides into a high concentration of an enzymatic botanical-rich solution. The oxygenating peel facial leaves your skin more luminous, refreshed, and rejuvenated. 

Anti-aging Medical Facial

By supporting cellular repair, the anti-aging medical facial assists in the correction and prevention of age-related issues (like lines and wrinkles). With ongoing treatments, this facial service supports the formation and buildup of new collagen. 

Deep Cleansing Facial

The deep cleansing facial removes impurities and imperfections for a dramatic pore-clearing experience. This facial is highly beneficial if you have acne-prone skin, oily skin, or severe congestion. 

Luma Medical Facial

The premier Luma medical facial can lighten, brighten, and illuminate all skin types for an even, glowing complexion. This luxurious facial incorporates antioxidants to help resolve dark spots and discoloration, while calming and soothing inflamed skin. 

Medical Microdermabrasion

This noninvasive treatment resurfaces superficial layers with a specialized abrasive tool. As the MicrodermMD® instrument gently buffs and smooths your skin, it simultaneously stimulates new collagen formation in the deeper dermal layers of your skin for a superior antiaging facial service. 


Micropeels maximize and expedite results that are only obtainable through clinical skin care treatments. Known as the lightest of all chemical peels, micropeels smooth and soften your skin, while brightening your complexion and shrinking your pore size. 

Oxygenating Facial

The OxyGeneo™ oxygenating facial uses innovative technology for deep skin treatments by combining exfoliation with skin oxygenation. This effect helps optimize the absorption of valuable components in clinical-grade nutrient-rich skin serums for superior results.

iBeauty Clinic proudly incorporates premium products, including Image skin care® and PCA Skin®, into facial services.  

How often do I need a facial?

Facials are essential for both treatment and preventive purposes. The skin care experts at iBeauty Clinic generally recommend scheduling a facial about once a month to help your skin continue looking and feeling more youthful. 

Book your next facial service at iBeauty Clinic by clicking on the online scheduler or by calling to speak with a team member directly. 

Individual results may vary.