How To Care For Your Skin Type?

Once you know your initial skin type, it’s important to reevaluate your skin type on a somewhat regular basis. Depending on the climate, your age, and some other factors, your skin type may change over time. To ensure your skin is getting the best care, it can get, keeping an eye on your changing skin type can be very helpful.

All skin types can benefit from daily cleansing and moisturizing, but different skin types, which include oily, dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin, have different needs.

Oily skin is vulnerable to oil-related concerns, such as blemishes, shininess, and clogged pores. Caring for this skin type can seem tricky you want to reach for products that provide lightweight hydration and help absorb excess oil without stripping your skin’s natural moisture barrier, which serves as the first line of defense between you and the outside world. Regular exfoliation can also help keep clogged pores and blemishes to a minimum.

 Dry Skin while dryness and dehydration are two different things, the lack of oil present in dry skin makes it less able to retain water. The key to caring for dry skin, therefore, is to reach for products that help nurture and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Sensitive Skin when the barrier doesn’t work properly, stressors that it should be able to resist can get past your skin’s weakened defenses and wreak havoc, causing redness and discomfort. We recommend reaching for mild products made specifically for stressed skin like Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate Face Oil.

Normal skin is the easiest skin type to care for. Your routine should include, at a minimum, a gentle cleanser, a lightweight moisturizer, and broad-spectrum sunscreen to help protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

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