Halloween Skin Care Tips

Halloween Skin Care Tips

- Protect your skin with a barrier cream · Skip the Halloween store makeup and go for cosmetic grade · Seal it in to avoid smudging. You must never go to sleep in your Halloween makeup.

- The key is to be gentle. Avoid anti-aging, irritating products and ingredients for a day or two after Halloween, to allow the skin surface to recover. Gentle cleansing and plain moisturizer are best. For spa addicts, I would not go immediately for a facial the next day, but possibly a week or so later, to refresh and restart after a short recovery period with Halloween Facial

- Start your double-cleansing routine with micellar water specifically designed to break down waterproof makeup. To ensure all your makeup is wiped away, follow the micellar water with a richly foaming cleanser to eliminate leftover dirt and makeup without stripping the skin thanks to a blend of ceramides and hyaluronic acid. 

- After cleansing, a toner is perfect for balancing your skin’s pH levels and providing a smooth, nourishing base before you moisturize to remove impurities and rehydrate your skin.

- Wake up with radiant, refreshed skin when you apply a night cream that doubles as a nourishing overnight mask. We recommend the  Vital C Image Skincare which contains hyaluronic acid to attract moisture to the skin and soothe volcanic water. 

- Chances are your Halloween look included some form of a statement eye. Whether you rocked a super thick wing or went all out with zombie makeup, there’s no doubt the delicate skin surrounding your eyes could use some extra attention. To help restore this sensitive area of the skin.

- A facial oil is a great way to lock in moisture, especially if you have dry skin. Look for a lightweight formula with botanical oils.



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